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"Broken Trust" is the sort of suspense/thriller you might expect to see in the theaters.

This made-for-cable movie, which airs Sunday at 6, 8 and 10 p.m. on TNT, boasts a couple of big-name stars - Tom Selleck and Oscar-winner Marsha Mason. It's got a good script, tight direction and a surprise thrown in at the end.But, unlike most movie blockbusters, "Broken Trust" actually gives you something to think about.

Selleck stars as judge recruited by the Justice Department to help them snare crooked judges in a sting operation. But it quickly becomes clear that he's little more than a pawn ensnared in a much larger trap - a trap from which he cannot escape, no matter what happens to him or his friends.

And Mason has her best role in years as one of those friends, a respected jurist whose life soon comes crashing down around her.

"Broken Trust" is well worth investing a couple of hours in.

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