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Gov. Mike Leavitt has nominated 15 people to the Utah Athletic Foundation, the board that will control Olympic facilities after the 2002 Winter Games.

The nearly $800 million budget for hosting the Olympics includes $40 million to run the Utah Winter Sports Park and encourage amateur athletics throughout the state after the Games are over.That $40 million endowment, as well as any profits from the Games, will be administered by the foundation.

The state is selling the park, which includes ski jumps and a bob sled and luge run, to the private Salt Lake Olympic Organizing Committee. The organizing committee will turn over the facility to the foundation after the Olympics.

The nominees announced Thursday will serve terms expiring in 2003 or 2005 if they are approved by the Utah Senate on Aug. 16. As required by law, they represent the organizing committee, the Utah Sports Authority and the public.

Nominees from the organizing committee are: Frank Joklik, Spence Eccles, R. Don Cash, Verl Topham, Joe Cannon, Bennie Smith Jr., James Beardall, Gordon Strachan, Arlen Crouch and Nolan Karras.

James Robinson, Ken Bulloch and Randy Dryer are the nominees from the Sports Authority, and the governor nominated Elizabeth Lucido to represent the public at large.

Dave Howick, head of the Oquirrh Park Fitness Center where the Olympic speed-skating oval is being built, has been nominated to serve as a non-voting member.

Two other members must be named to the foundation by Sept. 1, according to terms of the sale agreement. Senate President Lane Beattie, R-West Bountiful, and House Speaker Mel Brown, R-Midvale, each have one appointment to make.