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Don't expect everyone to be stargazing during the annual Utah High School Football Coaches Association all-star games Friday.

"I think it is going to be a lot of fun, but I think from coaches to players we're competitive," said Orem coach Paul Clark, who will direct the 5A squad into battle with the 4A. "Is it the end of the world if you don't win? No, but I think everybody will do what they can to win."Clark, who guided the Orem Tigers to the state championship in November, is enjoying his tenure as director of the state's largest classification "Dream Team" - a team comprised of last year's top seniors. "This is a group of kids I'd love to coach every fall."

4A coach Jim Birch of Jordan agrees.

"These guys are great. You walk through a play once and that's it," he said. "It's a great team. You could take a team like this and walk into the junior college ranks and probably win it."

Headlining the participants in the annual affair are all five Deseret News Most Valuable Players - Randy Lamoreaux (5A: Orem), Spencer Morris (4A: Jordan), Rhett Deets (3A: Uintah), Bucky Orton (2A: Kanab) and Steve Ellis (1A: Rich).

For the first time ever, all five of the state's classifications will converge on one site - Jordan High School - for the annual charity function. The 3A stars will meet a combined 2A/1A squad Friday at 2 p.m. with the 5A meeting the 4A at 5:30 p.m. Tickets are $3 with proceeds benefiting Oquirrh Elementary which burned down last year.

"To be able to contribute to a cause like that is a great honor for us," said Birch, who also happens to be president of the coaches association. "It's going to be a real fun time."

All-star participants include:

CLASS 5A: Jeremy Bair (Clearfield), Justin Anderson (Orem), Michael Kent (Brighton), Randy Lamoreaux (Orem), Kyle Olsen (Davis), Cody Nelson (West Jordan), Lanny Robison (Orem), Danny Castro (Hunter), Sam Carrick (Orem), Brandon Doman (Skyline), Dustin Pearce (Hunter), Koby Leon (Granger), Kevin Norman (Mountain View), Dixon Brown (Davis), Ryan Loo (American Fork), Sam Casto (West Jordan), Jon Benson (Bountiful), Mana Kula (Granger), Brandon Tuft (Skyline), John Wilson (Hillcrest), Jared Jimas (Brighton), Jason Miller (Layton), Adam Sheffield (Davis), Brian Hickman (Mountain View), Bart Teuscher (Clearfield), Jeremy Hill (Orem), Matt Holbrook (Brighton), Bart Chytraus (Hillcrest), Roger Proctor (American Fork), Jon Clark (Orem), Tonga Mounga (Orem) and Creed Pettit (Skyline).

CLASS 4A: Jon Eberhardt (Olympus), Austin Marsh (Springville), Matt Greenwood (Jordan), Tyler Barker (Murray), Jesse Malmrose (Woods Cross), Jeff Crosbie (Mountain Crest), Joel Gines (Provo), Chad Huntsman (Cyprus), Spencer Morris (Jordan), Brent Blomquist (Box Elder), Kyle Harris (Timpview), Matt Powell (Jordan), Lance Kener (Jordan), Ben Raybould (West), Selu Alofipo (West), Rod Madsen (West), Stuart Peterson (Bear River), Spencer Campbell (Timpview), Travis Searle (Cyprus), Donny Allred (Bear River), Richard Davis (Payson), Tyler Green (Jordan), Shane Evans (Jordan), Paul Peterson (Olympus), Bobby Romander (Box Elder), Cody Phillips (Spanish Fork), Brad Strong (Springville), Mike Leatham (Pleasant Grove), Jason Hunt (Tooele), Ernie Lindley (Mountain Crest), K.C. Fisher (Murray), Jed Gibbs (Bear River), Brett Williams (Jordan), Dave Peacock (Logan), Brett Schow (Timpview), Jeremiah Duersch (Mountain Crest), Gary Jensen (Jordan), Brian Davis (Jordan), Coby Fabrizio (Jordan), Ryan Toone (Bear River), Toa Viavaka (Jordan) and Andy Fullmer (Jordan).

CLASS 3A: D.J. Lewis (Uintah), Shay Bertola (Uintah), Jared Huddleston (Dixie), Chris Kiever (Uintah), Jason Dunn (Carbon), Todd Garrett (Cedar City), Sheldon Deckart (Dixie), Jeremy Jewkes (Carbon), Dustin Rowley (Delta), Jason Noah (Delta), Cory Davis (Cedar City), Jeremy Huber (Uintah), Chad Young (Lehi), Kenny Manzanares (Carbon), Don Worthington (Lehi), Rhett Deets (Uintah), Cameron Chatfield (Cedar City), Mike Hardy (Uintah), Jay Pagano (Carbon), Jed Labrum (Uintah), Brady McClellan (Uintah), Randy Clark (Dixie), Dan Kogan (Pine View), Mike Wing (Lehi), Brandon Wilde (Carbon), Micah Owens (Dixie), P.J. Steadman (North Sanpete), Isaac Smuin (Uintah), Dan Wissmar (Carbon), Karl Bohman (Cedar City), Lane Earl (Union), Neal Marchant (Cedar City) and Brock Williams (Pine View).

CLASS 2A/1A: Alan Williams (Kanab), Matt Robinson (Beaver), Cody Atkinson (South Summit), Ricky Rose (Milford), Andrew Blonquist (North Summit), Wes Young (Duchesne), Alan Cox (Manti), Jasin Leavitt (South Summit), Brad Burtenshaw (San Juan), Bucky Orton (Kanab), Tyler Hafen (Kanab), Brandon Patterson (Altamont), William McFarland (San Juan), Jake Netto (Milford), Josh Jackson (Manti), Richard Mouritsen (Grantsville), Brad Eyre (Beaver), Wes Weston (Rich), Steve Ellis (Rich), Ryan Keisel (Grantsville), Justin Robb (Duchesne), Greg Jacobson (Manti), Spencer Harris (San Juan), Brandt Brown (Kanab), Donald Miles (Altamont), George Tripp (Grantsville), Kyle Kimmerlee (San Juan), Steve Jacobson (Rich), Brandon Young (Milford), J.C. Reed (Juab) and Coby Glover (Kanab).