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I write to respond to your editorial titled, "Keep a reasonable balance in changing the grazing law." Although I represent a northern California congressional district, I have a strong interest in grazing policies that affect all rural Western communities.

I am surprised that a reputable paper such as the Deseret News would print such a conspicuously biased and poorly researched piece.In your editorial, you state, "The way the measure is currently written, it would be difficult if not impossible to enforce existing environmental laws on grazing land." This statement is patently false. In no way does the bill alter the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act, the Wild Horse Protection Act, the Wilderness Act, the Sikes Act or the litany of other environmental laws that protect our public rangelands.

This legislation would increase grazing fees by more than 30 percent. Although, as your article states, "some say" this is artificially low.

I agree that legislators must balance all interests when formulating land-use laws. In my estimation, this bill achieves this balance.

Wally Herger

Member of Congress, California