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Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and others no longer need a CD-ROM drive to benefit from the technology of Infobases Inc.'s gospel study aids, which have gone "World Wide" on the Web.

Infobases Online allows anyone with Internet access to research and study the world's largest LDS library in cyberspace.Among the services available is the On-Line LDS Library containing the standard works cross-referenced with hundreds of doctrinal and historical works; family history including 56 volumes of genealogical information about early LDS Church members; LDS On-Line Magazine, with articles by several prominent LDS authors; and an LDS events and sports calendar.

Infobases Online also offers a number of free services including the complete LDS scriptures, LDS events, Gospel Doctrine reading schedule and Infobases On-line Catalog.

Paul Allen, chief executive officer, said, "Infobases Online was one of our goals from the beginning. Our mission is to gather the world's most important knowledge and make it available to everyone."