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Lollapalooza is not just a tour. It is an adventure. With seven alternative rock stars, who are just as prone to quibbling as their classic-rock counterparts, cooped up on a cross-country trek, mishaps are inevitable.

Since this year's adventure began three weeks ago, Courtney Love of Hole has been charged with assault for punching a rival singer, Kathleen Hanna of the group Bikini Kill, while onstage; David Yow of Jesus Lizard has been arrested for dropping his pants during his set (not unusual for him); and Sinead O'Connor has left the tour because her pregnancy and the rigorous schedule did not mix.Still, Lollapalooza remains on the road, with concerts featuring Sonic Youth, Hole, Cypress Hill, Beck, Pavement, Jesus Lizard, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and, replacing O'Connor, the English rock band Elastica. Less well-known bands perform on a second stage.

Throughout the tour, many of these bands have been posting tour diaries on the computer network America Online. Some of the post-concert comments show just how draining Lollapalooza can be.

Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth: "Each show is worse than the last. It was harsh and unflowing. I was totally unfocused and dis-com-bob-u-la-ted."

O'Connor: "It's hard to sing when you want to throw up all the time."

Yow of Jesus Lizards: "Show-time came too soon. I would rather have not played." He added, "I looked like a wadded up dollar bill with sad eyes."

Rose Marshack of the Poster Children: "Sometimes when I actually look out into the crowd, I can either have a paranoia attack or I sometimes get really, really angry for no reason, just looking at someone's face."

Love: "As far as the general vibe of Lolla, it's nothing. It's boring, sexist and elitist." She added, "Better be worth the bucks."

- Neil Strauss