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Jack Taylor of Caldwell rescued a pig from the highway during rush hour last spring, and after a series of equally curious turns, the home remodeler now finds himself a full-time pig farmer with a trio of porkers.

The fairy tale began with a swine's nightmare - Taylor, 42, spied Pig No. 1 in the traffic streaming westbound on the Broadway-Chinden Connector in Boise.With some help from another motorist, Taylor apprehended the animal and named it Stormin' Norman.

Norman turned out to be a Vietnamese pot-bellied porker and an excellent pet.

About three weeks ago, Norman disappeared.

When a friend who knew of Taylor's grief offered him another pig, he jumped at the chance. Seems a Boise woman who had kept the porker secretly had been found out by the landlord.

About a week ago, to Taylor's delight, Norman returned.

Then Taylor learned about another wayward pig, this one at the dog pound. It was scheduled for euthanasia.