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The Denver Broncos are willing to do anything San Francisco or Dallas does to sign Deion Sanders, owner Pat Bowlen has told the Pro Bowl cornerback's agent.

Next month, negotiations for Sanders will kick off. Bowlen said he hopes a phone call he made to Sanders' agent on Tuesday will be memorable.Bowlen said his talk with Sanders' agent, Eugene Parker, was productive. But a decision isn't expected for another two weeks.

When Sanders is ready, Bowlen said the Broncos would offer the cornerback a deal similar to those proposed by the Cowboys and 49ers.

"I'd like to play things close to the vest and be publicly vocal about it, but I wanted to reassure him of our strong interest in Deion," Bowlen said. "I wanted to make sure we're not just bystanders here. By no means will we be standing on the sideline while other teams go after Deion. We'll be in it, too."

Parker was scheduled to fly to San Francisco Wednesday, where he is supposed to meet with 49ers officials.

Sanders is expected to command $3 million to $4 million for half the season. As of Tuesday, the Broncos were about $190,000 under the salary cap.