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A request to spend $12,541 on T-shirts for the DARE program run by the Salt Lake County sheriff's office got the kabosh Wednesday.

Commissioner Mary Callaghan pulled the request off the agenda, saying she wants proof that cloaking kids in T-shirts aids the war on drugs."Where is the proof that $12,000 spent on T-shirts helps fight gangs and drug use?" Callaghan asked.

The sheriff's office received $25,000 from the R. Harold Burton Foundation, a local organization that supports a variety of charitable causes. R. Harold Burton was a local stockbroker and investment banker.

His son, Richard Burton, made the donation to the county, specifying that it be used to support the DARE program. DARE is a nationwide program that tries to foster anti-drug attitudes in youth.

The sheriff's office wanted to spend about half of the donation to buy the trademark black and red T-shirts that are given to graduates of DARE programs.

But Callaghan said the county needs to scrutinize how its dollars are spent.