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Another Cannon might fire himself into Utah politics in 1996.

Republican Chris Cannon said Tuesday that he's seriously considering challenging Democratic Rep. Bill Orton in the 3rd Congressional District. Cannon's brother, Geneva Steel President Joe Cannon, also a Republican, ran an unsuccessful U.S. Senate campaign in 1992.In a brief press release, Cannon said he "feels there is a remarkable opportunity in the next Congress to take dramatic action in reducing taxes, eliminating America's budget deficit, reducing our national debt and restoring the proper constitutional role to states and local government."

"He's had quite a few people contact him about doing it, quite a few people in the party," said Cannon spokesman Peter Valcarce.

Unlike his brother, Cannon doesn't think he'll have to inject his own money into the campaign. He anticipates having to raise $300,000 to $500,000.

Cannon is chairman of Cannon Industries Inc., a Salt Lake venture capital firm. He currently serves on the national finance committee for presi- dential candidate Lamar Alexander. He was President George Bush's Utah finance director in 1992. From 1983 to 1986, Cannon was a Ronald Reagan administration appointee in the Department of Interior, serving as associate solicitor and deputy associate for surface mining.

Two other Utah County Republicans, Tom Draschil, Provo, and Parley Hellewell, Orem, are already in the race. Both intend to make formal announcements this fall.