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The Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce has named the 45 participants in the 1995-96 Leadership Utah program designed to encourage mid- to upper-level management businesspeople to move into community leadership roles.

Beginning in September and continuing through next June, the 45 people will meet once per month and listen to people talk about law enforcement/crime; state government; the arts and humanities; tourism and economic development; health care; education; local government; and the environment.The participants are Becky B. Aivazian; Michael Allegra; Greogry Allen; Brad R. Baldwin; Linda R. Baker; Kathryn Bise; Philip N. Bressler; David B. Bybee; Stephen C. Carter; Michael Collins; Robert P. Chilton; Beth L. Colosimo; Penny J. Conger; Christian J. Cozzens; Mary Cunningham and David W. Driggs.

Others are Rebecca J. Dutson; Shawn C. Ferrin; Carl S. Fowles; Matt J. Gillis; Dan M. Hair; John P. Hill; Rebecca Kearns; Michael P. Kennedy; David Layton; Karen McArthur; Judy Malouf; Cathryn Ordway; David W. Paul; Kimberly Mayo Pilger; Thomas B. Probert.

Also, Michael Purdy; Frances M. Reagan; Clair A. Rood Jr.; Sheryl L. Sargent; David Schneider; Todd M. Shaughnessy; Andrew S. Stone; Lorelei D. Tavey; Larry D. Tippens; June Leventhal-Vandersteen; Pauline Vosburgh; Matthew W. Weed; Karen Wikstrom; and David L. Young.