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The people wanted a change and that was evident from the results of the last election.

We are sick of a government that overtaxes us and then turns around and kills off the citizens.Have Utah Congress members done anything to downsize government? I am not able to see a difference. It appears that government is still getting bigger and that taxes are still going up.

Did they do anything about the Weaver incident? Weaver did - as the $3.1 million settlement indicates. Didn't our Congress members know something was wrong? Don't they represent me and other Utah citizens at the federal level? Didn't they receive our requests for some action?

Had it occurred to them that they represent us as far as the control of the feds is concerned? We the people have no power to do this other than through those who represent us on a federal level. I and many of my friends have appealed to them to do something. As yet, we do not see much happening in our favor from Washington, D.C.

This is not a personal assault on any individual, but it does reflect on the Utah delegation's positions as our representative in Congress and it applies to each member of Congress individually and collectively.

We are tired of Congress members who carry on business as usual. As far as I can tell from the news and the letters from their offices, I do not think that they have the message as yet. The Contract on America was bland.

The alternative is to make a clean sweep at the next election and start over with an all new Congress, or do we need to change the system?

Paul Hull

Spanish Fork