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Government action


In its meeting Wednesday, the City Council:

- Suspended for 30 days the beer license of the Food 4 Less grocery store at 1756 S. Main for selling beer to an underage police agent.

- Amended the zoning ordinance to require fencing around swimming spas and above-ground pools.

- Rezoned 15 acres at 100 West and 1600 North from commercial to residential for the second phase of the Bountiful Shadows subdivision, comprising single-family homes on 8,000-square-foot lots.

- Approved bids for various jobs and equipment including three Jeep Cherokees for the police and planning departments ($21,000 each); concrete work at the central substation of the power department ($72,000); two trucks ($23,000 each), three sand spreaders ($13,100) and three attachable snow plows ($9,500) for the streets department.


In its Aug. 22 meeting, the City Council:

- Listened to Congressman James V. Hansen discuss the importance of the West Davis highway plan and/or I-15 expansion in Davis County.

- Approved an agreement with Layton City on sanitary sewer services.

- Set a public hearing for Tuesday, Sept. 26, 7:05 p.m., on the Comprehensive Housing Affordability Plan in the city.

- Set a public hearing for Tuesday, Sept. 12, 7:05 p.m., on changes to the Antelope Commercial subdivision at Main Street and 1700 South.

- Donated $225.56 - a penny for every city resident - to the Davis County Transportation Tomorrow Conference, set for Sept. 14, 5:30 p.m. at Davis High.

- Granted final approval to Chelemes commercial subdivision, 1350 South State Street.

- Expressed disapproval of the plan to close the job service office in Clearfield.


In its Aug. 22 meeting, the City Council:

- Held a public hearing and approved Chestnut Place subdivision, phase one, 18 lots at 725 N. 1260 West.

- Approved a contract for $667,766 with GF&A Construction of Ogden to build a new city hall. The city hopes to move into its new building by next May.


In its Aug. 22 meeting, the City Council:

- Appointed Paul Smedley to a one-year term on the board of adjustments and Blake Knight to another five-year term.

- Designated Mayor Michael Garrett as the city's League of Cities voting delegate.

- Awarded a $48,000 contract to Advance Paving Company to improve the intersection of 2700 South 1000 West.

- Granted final approval to Stone Haven subdivision, phase two, 13 lots at 3000 West, north of 1700 South.

- Granted final approval to Maplewood subdivision, phase three, 27 lots at 1525 Allison Way.

- Approved a city fall cleanup from Oct. 2-13. Residents can put extra garbage on the curb during that period - except tires and concrete.

West Point

In its Aug. 22 meeting, the City Council:

- Approved a Community Block Grant project, with a bid opening Aug. 25 for continuing improvements on 300 North.

- Set a special council work meeting for Sept. 19, 6 p.m., with the Davis School District to discuss parking and other changes to West Point Elementary School and also the nature center land donation.

- Approved an increase in the city's fire protection fee. It will increase from $75 to $100 for all new residential development.

- Announced the city's fall cleanup will be Oct. 16-30 with a $5 dumping fee at the burn plant's citizen facility.


In its Aug. 22 meeting, the City Council:

- Denied Zelda Robbins request for a variance to place sidewalk next to the curb on 50 West.

- Denied John Tanner's request to delay installing curb, gutter and sidewalk on Phillips Street in Wilkie Estates subdivision.

- Modified a property sale at 326 N. Main Street so that Bowman's Market purchases the street separately. Bowman's will also maintain the street.

- Awarded a $63,000 contract to Morgan Asphalt to overlay Old Mill Lane.

- Awarded a $79,000 contract to Gibbons & Reed Construction to overlay Rolling Greens Road.