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The Sevier School District has been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency for benefiting the environment through comprehensive energy reductions.

The recognition came through a "Green Lights" program and an agreement in which the district pledged to work toward saving energy. It has been highly successful.The district's electrical energy was analyzed last fall by Johnson Controls, Inc. of Salt Lake City. The company was then charged with finding ways to make the district more energy efficient.

"The analysis showed that energy could be saved by changing lighting in all of the schools and that fine tuning of the heating and air conditioning systems would also save energy," said Samuel D. Ware, district business administrator.

A project was then proposed and approved by the board of education.

In addition, the district has participated in federal energy grants the past 15 years to reduce energy consumption, Ware said. He added, "Considerable credit is due the staff for consistently following energy conservation procedures."

Fluorescent lights are now being retrofitted in schools by keeping the fixtures but removing lamps and magnetic ballasts, which contain contaminants, and replacing them with electronic ballasts and new lamps to lower energy costs. Other energy savings projects are also being completed at specific schools.