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Dear Abby: Please continue to emphasize the fact that charities should not waste money. When I give blood to the Red Cross, I don't want a thank-you letter. When I walk door-to-door collecting for another charity, I don't need to be invited to a formal ball for dinner and dancing to be officially thanked for my help. If the public knew of this kind of waste, they would be up in arms.

Those of us who work hard for charities want all the money to go where it can help the cause.- Helen in San Pedro

Dear Helen: Right on! The best example of using every cent to "help the cause" reminds me of a wonderful fund-raising idea used by Goodwill Industries of South Florida a few years ago. They sent invitations that read:

"The annual Goodwill Industries dinner will not be held this year at the Americana Hotel. No cocktails will be served at 7 p.m. No dinner will be served at 8 p.m. The master of ceremonies will not be Art Linkletter. The invocation will not be read by the Rev. Norman Vincent Peale, and the guest speaker will not be Dear Abby.

"Stay home and have a restful evening, but please send $50 per person or $100 per couple."

Needless to say, it was hugely successful.

P.S. The moral to that story is: Many people are so bored with fancy fund-raising bashes, they'd cheerfully pay to stay home!

Dear Abby: What is wrong with me? I love to move! We've been married for 20 years, and I'm ashamed to tell you how many times we've moved. All in the same town, too.

I'm never satisfied. Once we're moved in and settled, I start looking for another house. My husband is very good about it and goes along with it just to please me.

We just moved into a nice house, and I'm already looking around. All this moving is very expensive. We have three teenage children who were against all the moves, but we moved anyway.

My husband helps, but I do most of the packing and unpacking myself. I just love hard work. Sometimes I wonder if I'm not a little crazy. Everyone I know hates to move, but I love it.

Have you ever had a letter like this? And do you think I should have my head examined?

- Loves to Move

Dear Loves: No, I've never had a letter like yours, and it wouldn't hurt to have your head examined. It may not put an end to your moving, but at least you'll know why you love it.

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