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When Charlton Heston's memoir, "In the Arena," lands on the streets of this great country of ours, you will finally get the "Ben Hur" star's definitive account of how he once came this close to running for U.S. Senate at the prodding of such persons as William F. Buckley and Jack Valenti. But he didn't. Why not?

"I couldn't bear the idea of never acting again," Chuck explains in the tome. "Never to have one more shot at `Macbeth,' never to stand off in the shining dark offstage, waiting for my entrance cue, never to find one more great film role, or slide a good horse down a grade in a Western one more time and smell the morning." Never to tell your ghostwriter to calm down, already?- Another celebrity lawmaker wannabe: Tim Allen, whose TV and movie career is going great guns with the huge success of "Home Improvement" and "The Santa Clause," has told Cosmopolitan mag that he wants to run for Congress when the sitcom is history.

- Roger Anderson