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The new Utah Wildlife Board will hold its first official meeting Saturday, 1 p.m. at the Salt Lake Hilton Hotel, 150 West 500 South. The meeting is open to the public.

Among agenda items to be considered are: the 1995 rules for the taking of cougars; the 1995 season dates and rules for the taking of upland game and waterfowl hunting; furbearer harvest regulations; live game birds; and commercial hunting areas.The seven-member board was put into place this month to replace the old two-board system.

BOATING. Those people heading out for the last big holiday boating weekend of the year will find water levels and conditions excellent - for the most part.

The primary concern won't be finding good water, but rather safety. Boating traffic is expected to be heavier than normal.

Following are reports on a few of the more popular waters:

Bear Lake - On the west side of the lake, launching conditions are excellent at the State Park marina, and boats of all sizes can launch there. On the east side of the lake, launching is available for boats 20 feet in length and under, at the First Point and Rainbow Cove ramps. Once on the lake, boating conditions are excellent. Water temperature: 65 degrees.

Hyrum - The reservoir is 75 percent full. There is some floating debris in the reservoir that boaters should watch for. Water temperature: 72 degrees.

Willard Bay - The bay is full. Water temperature: 75 degrees.

Lost Creek - The reservoir is 90 percent full. Water temperature: 69 degrees.

East Canyon - The reservoir is 90 percent full. Water temperature: 70 degrees.

Rockport - The reservoir is full. Boaters are advised to boat with caution in the reservoir's far south end, as there are many shallow spots and tree stumps under the surface. Water temperature: 65 degrees.

Jordanelle - The reservoir is 70 percent full. Boaters are advised to boat with caution around all points. Water temperature: 68 degrees.

Deer Creek - The reservoir is 95 percent full.

Utah Lake - The lake is full. The water depth in the Provo Boat Harbor is 10 feet. The water depth in the harbor channel is 6 feet. Water temperature: 72 degrees.

Yuba - The reservoir is 95 percent full. Water temperature: 70 degrees.

FISHING. With the coming of some cooler evening temperatures, fishing has been steadily improving. Those heading to some of the popular water or into the hills for camping may want to take along a fishing rod and some of their favorite lures.

Following are the reports on some of the more popular fishing spots.

Fall stocking of catchable rainbows for Ogden, Weber Rivers (urban areas) and Twenty First and Farmington Ponds will begin this week and continue through mid-October.

In the Central Region, waters stocked are Provo River (through town), Payson Creek, Diamond Fork River, Silver Lake (Brighton), Big Cottonwood Creek, Little Cottonwood Creek (by Snowbird), City Creek, Mill Creek, Tibble Fork Reservoir, American Fork Creek.

Bear Lake - Fishing for cutthroat and lake trout is good. Troll fast on the surface in water less than 30 feet for cutts. Larger cutts and lake trout in deeper water (60 to 80 feet). Early morning best. Shore fishing fair from marina. All ramps are accessible.

East Canyon Reservoir - Fishing success is good for trolling or shore anglers. Bait and powerbait are working well. Trolling with pop gear and night crawlers.

Hyrum - Great. Try trolling 18 feet deep with triple teasers. Try nightcrawlers or Powerbait off a bobber for perch and the occasional trout. Fish off the bottom. Eight to 12-inch perch along shoreline. Largemouth bass fishing is good.

Lost Creek - Both boat and shore fishing is good. Anglers have been using green Power Bait and worms.

Pineview - Fishing is slow for crappie but good for perch in shallows. Suspend a jig about 4-6 feet below a bobber. Tiger musky fishing good. Try morning and evenings.

Rockport - Good smallmouth and perch fishing. Good Rainbow fishing.

Uintas - At high lakes fishing is great.

Willard Bay - Walleye fishing from dike has slowed down, and trolling with worms harness or Rapalas has slowed down. Slow for crappie. Catching some catfish from dike using bobber with 6 feet line below bobber using night crawlers.

Strawberry - Kokanee salmon are preparing for the spawn. Anything shiny and silver is effective on the salmon. Rainbow trout are being caught with rainbow pink & blue PowerBaits or black, purple, or chartreuse colored flies and leech patterns with sinking fly line near weedbeds. Shorefishing is slow to fair. Good action for cutthroat trout in deeper water. Only one cutthroat trout may be kept.

Jordanelle - Heavy pressure. Fair to good fishing. Most fish either 13 inches or 16 inches.

Deer Creek - Fair to good fishing for all species.

Provo River (above Utah Lake to Olmstead Diversion Dam) - High water and fair success. Moderate fishing pressure. Bait is allowed in this stretch. River stocked this week through town.

PROVO RIVER (above Olmstead Diversion Dam) - Great fishing conditions - definitely worth fishing. Fish feed on the surface every morning around dawn. Try a pale morning dun, griffin's gnat, or midge size 16 or smaller. A stonefly imitation has been somewhat successful but the usual gold ribbed hares ear, bead head, brassies, pheasant tail, and scuds are still doing well. Artificial flies and lures only. Heavy pressure on weekends. occasional dry-fly success with a pale morning dun. Read fishing proclamation for other rules.