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The death toll from the federal building bombing was raised to 169 after authorities said a severed leg found in the rubble belonged to an unidentified young black woman.

Tests on the badly decomposed leg determined it did not match any of the seven known victims who were missing left legs, the state medical examiner said Wednesday."DNA analysis by the FBI has shown conclusively that the left leg is not male but female," said Dr. Fred Jordan. Hair analysis showed the victim was black.

The leg, broken in two places, belonged to a woman about 5 feet 5 inches tall between the ages of 16 and 30, Jordan said.

Less sophisticated tests conducted earlier found a 75 percent probability that the leg belonged to a light-skinned male.

The leg was wearing a military-style boot and olive-drab strap used to tuck pants into the boot. Since the three men indicted in the bombing were Army buddies, the leg's garb fueled speculation that it may have belonged to someone involved in the April 19 attack.

Stephen Jones, the lead attorney for suspect Timothy McVeigh, had said the leg might have belonged to the "real bomber." He was dubious about the new test results.

"With this contradictory disclosure, no one can have confidence in any of the forensic work in this case," he said. "A white male becomes a black female. No wonder DNA testing has been discredited."

Calls to prosecutors weren't returned.

McVeigh and Terry Nichols are being held without bail and could face the death penalty if convicted. Michael Fortier pleaded guilty to lesser charges in return for his testimony.

In the weeks after the bombing, federal agents combed the country in vain for John Doe No. 2, a dark-haired, muscular suspect depicted in FBI sketches.