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President Clinton ended his Wyoming vacation as he began it, driving Golf Cart One through lush greens under the jagged spires of the Tetons and playing the game he loves above all others.

And before he left for Hawaii for ceremonies marking the 50th anniversary of World War II, Clinton chose an appropriate spot for a final gathering of the local people who helped his family organize and enjoy their 17-day vacation - the putting green of the Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis Club.Non-golfer Hillary Rodham Clinton drew cheers and Wyoming whoops when she indulged in just a touch of sarcasm and described the site as "this sacred spot of a putting green."

On his last vacation day, Clinton pushed the number of holes he has played to more than 200. He had completed 197 at the end of a nine-hole morning round. An afternoon encore added several more holes,but it wasn't clear exactly how many.

But the president assured his audience of trail guides, golf professionals, national park and forest executives and whitewater rafting experts that they were sending him back to work "with a great deal of energy and hope for our country."

And he said that he wished all Americans, especially all young people, could spend two weeks in Jackson Hole, surrounded by what he called some of "the most beautiful country that God has given America."

Clinton said that after a grueling year, he had arrived needing some sustained time off.

"We were very tired when we got here," he said, but added that he had not been entirely successful in avoiding work all of the time.

The decision-making process that led to the bombing of Serbian military targets inside Bosnia consumed "some considerable time," he said.

But Clinton said the vacation "far exceeded my high expectations" and those of the press corps traveling with him .

Both president and press needed a good time because "we live in an environment where we are supposed to make each other miserable half the time," he said.

"So being here two weeks and having a great time is a wonderful, wonderful thing," he said.

Hillary Clinton said her family's visit has made many more Americans aware of the scenic attractions of Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks.

"I know that because so many people watched on television, or read in the papers or heard on the radio what we were doing, it was a way for millions of Americans to maybe see a part of the country that they hadn't seen," she said.