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SETTLERS: After a week of confrontations with the army, Jewish settlers met with Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin on Friday to discuss their future after Israel transfers authority in the West Bank to the Palestinians. Settlers said Rabin gave them no answers. A second meeting was scheduled for next week. This week's protests, during which soldiers and police dragged Jewish settlers off hilltops in the West Bank, were not discussed at the meeting, Israel radio said. Police Minister Moshe Shahal, however, ordered the establishment of a special unit to deal with demonstrators after meeting with army officials, Israeli radio reported.BIGFOOT: Chinese scientists on a publicized two-month expedition to find "Bigfoot" have failed to capture it, photograph it or find a single footprint, the official Xinhua News Agency reported Friday. Using luminous compasses, night vision scopes and satellite orientation gear, the 30-member delegation obtained "some slim scientific evidence," including what it claims are hair samples of the creature, the report said. The hunt took place in the Shennongjia forest reserve in central China's Hubei province, where Bigfoot sightings have been reported.

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TEENS CHARGED: Five teens who got bored cruising a New York City park one night have been charged with murder for allegedly setting a homeless man on fire to amuse themselves. The youths, who range in age from 12 to 19, allegedly beat Albert Jackson, who was sleeping on a bench in the Mount Morris Park in Harlem, doused him with gasoline and lit him with a cigarette lighter, police said. Jackson's body was discovered May 9. "They all said it was just for fun, that they were bored," Detective Vincent King said at a news conference Thursday. "When he first went up in flames, they all thought it was funny. Then the flames got too high. They got scared and they ran. They just left him and he died right there on the bench."

STANDOFF: An 89-year-old wheelchair-bound man who was depressed about plans to be placed in a nursing home threatened to kill a nurse and himself before surrendering to police in Somerset, Pa. No one was hurt. Charles "Dutch" Latshaw was arrested after nurse Kathy Dunmyer escaped by saying she had to do laundry. She threw a sheet over the rifle Latshaw had brandished at police and walked out of the house with it, police said. Latshaw, who also is deaf, could not hear police yelling to him through a bullhorn during the seven-hour standoff Wednesday.