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It has come to my attention that the current administration is withdrawing the recommendation to Congress made by the Bush administration concerning Bureau of Land Management wilderness recommendations in the state of Utah.

I want to emphasize the amount of study and work that went into that recommendation before it was forwarded to Congress. Millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours were spent over a 10-year period reviewing the wilderness qualities on bureau lands in Utah. The proposal placing nearly 1.9 million acres in wilderness designation was done without political motivation and was based entirely on decisions of professional resource managers.Those who recommend acreage two and three times the amount recommended by BLM are blowing smoke and have a political agenda, not a sound resource management agenda.

The only legislation that comes close to what the BLM recommended is the Bill HR1745, introduced by Rep. James Hansen, which designates 1.8 million acres as wilderness.

Cy Jamison

Billings, Mont.