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Utah's public schools are expecting $2.6 million this year from Clinton's Goals 2000 program, and all we have to do is adopt certain national standards.

Does that sound like a bargain we can't afford to pass up? Or a federal power grab with a carrot? It's a small percentage of Utah's total school budget. (Like someone giving you less than $100 for the privilege of controlling your family for a year.)Public education has always been run primarily by the local community or by the state, since the federal Constitution gives no educational authority to the U.S. Congress.

By handing out federal money with strings attached, however, Washington has been gradually taking over. This is one reason why public schools in this country have gone so far downhill, why they are less efficient than private schools (costing more money per pupil but delivering a lesser education).

The bargain would be to refuse the federal money. Let's support our congressmen and senators in killing Goals 2000 (along with the Department of Education) for two reasons: It's really our tax money in the first place, with which they seek to control us, and Goals 2000 is a bad program.

For good education we really need local control and parental choice, not federally imposed programs.

Steven C. Barrowes

South Salt Lake