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Wildlife officials had to kill a deer Friday that was chased around Salt Lake City.

The doe was killed near 900 East and 1300 South by officials from the Division of Wildlife Resources. Dennis Wilson, urban wildlife specialist, said other alternatives were attempted before the deer became potentially life-threatening to drivers on 900 East."We try to keep the deer alive and keep the public safety," Wilson said.

A two-point buck initially seen with the doe was spotted again near 500 East and 600 South. Wilson said the buck was left alone because the safest alternative is for it to find its own way back up to the foothills.

Wilson attributed Friday's problems to people who don't know how to deal with wild animals gone urban. The doe and buck were initially spotted near Foothill Boulevard on the edges of the city. But people began chasing them, Wilson said. "But they got chased farther down into the city."

When people come in contact with wild animals, Wilson suggests leaving them alone as much as possible.

Wilson said the deer were "just wandering" near Foothill Boulevard and were not hungry or forced out of the foothills. He said. . . people were chasing them, people were scaring them. They thought they were helping.

Dennis Wilson

Urban wildlife specialistthis year has been average in terms of the

number of wild animals that find their way down into the populated valley.

Salt Lake Police Lt. Mark Zelig, of the department's Liberty Park division, agreed these are not the first deer to check out city life.

"It's been a constant problem this spring and summer," he said. "It seems like almost every week we have a problem like this."

Wilson said the doe will be donated for food for a family in need.