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A Vernal man whose mother claimed Uintah County deputy sheriffs had planted drugs in her son's vehicle has pleaded guilty to three separate drug charges.

Geoffrey Allen, 19, pleaded guilty July 21 in 8th District Court in Vernal to three second-degree felony counts for distribution of a controlled substance, arranging to distribute a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute.Allen gained notoriety earlier this year when the community learned of his methamphetamine activity after many area residents contributed to his liver transplant fund drive. In a copyrighted story in the Salt Lake Tribune, Allen's mother, Joy Womack, claimed her son did not use drugs other than alcohol. Womack also suggested that the drugs found in Allen's car had been planted and that the sheriff's office had unfairly singled Allen out for arrest.

Allen entered his guilty pleas after changing defense lawyers and reviewing the evidence against him. He was charged with selling both methamphetamine and marijuana.

Uintah County Chief Deputy Attorney Ken Wallentine said Allen's guilty pleas lay to rest any claim of innocence and refute earlier defenses that the drugs were planted.

"Geoff Allen was charged and convicted of being a drug dealer, three times over," said Wallentine. "He was not convicted of personally using drugs, only selling them to others for his own profit. When confronted with tape recordings of his numerous drug sales, he decided to stop blaming others for his own crimes."

A second-degree felony is punishable by a 1-15 year prison term and a fine of $10,000.