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* WINNER: The United States for becoming such an increasingly tough economic competitor. The Council on Competitiveness reported this week by that virtually every measure of business competitiveness, the United States is now among the top three industrial nations.

LOSER: Japan - which is consistently in last place, behind the United States as well as Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Canada, the other countries tracked by the Council on Competitiveness.* WINNERS: Women workers. Among the employees in the United States killed on the job - an average of 18 a day - only 10 percent are women even though men account for only 54 percent of the nation's work force. Who says it's a man's world?

LOSERS: Keyboard operators, homemakers, carpenters, gardeners, cooks, musicians, assembly workers, electricians, butchers and beauticians. They are in the 10 occupations most likely to get carpal tunnel syndrome, a wrist ailment usually caused by repetitive motion.

LOSER: Charles Cole of Cincinnati, who has been captured on video tape drawing a gun during an argument and shooting a man repeatedly. The video camera was set up by Cole in front of his home as a security measure. Now Cole has been charged with murder. Some security.

- MOST OBSCURE COMMITTEE WITH THE LONGEST NAME: The little-known panel at the United Nations called (take a deep breath) the Special Committee on the Situation With Regard to the Implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples. Whew!

- WARNING: To tourists who drop in at the Moscow Zoo - or anyone else who visits the facility, for that matter. To keep the animals from being overfed, officials have imposed a new fine of $125 for throwing food into their cages. That's 10 times more than the fine imposed for jumping into the cages. But, in some cases, doesn't getting into the cage with the beasts amount to feeding them, too?