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Kitty Genovese's killer says he is the real victim of the 1964 murder that came to symbolize urban apathy.

The suffering of his victims was only "a one-minute affair, but for the person who's caught, it's forever," Winston Moseley told parole officials."There were worse murders, and more serious - or ones that are just as serious," Moseley said in parole board transcripts. "But this case, for some reason, is unprecedented in the annals, in perhaps the last 25 years, in the way it's been publicized.

"It does cause, of course, hurt for me," he said.

Moseley, 61, has admitted he stalked and killed the 28-year-old Genovese, who died on a Queens street while 38 people heard her screams and did nothing. The killer fled when residents turned on their lights, then returned to attack again when the lights went off.

A judge has yet to rule on Moseley's request for a new trial. He claims his lawyer didn't represent him effectively because he once represented Genovese in an unrelated gambling case. Moseley has also confessed to killing two other women.