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Two people suffered minor burns and singed hair Saturday when two propane barbecue tanks ruptured, causing a fire that extensively damaged a Bountiful home.

Homeowner W. Gene Pugmire and his wife Kim were taken to Lakeview Hospital, where they were treated and later released, said Bountiful City Fire Marshal Michael Barfuss.About 6:30 p.m., Kim Pugmire was cooking dinner on a barbecue grill on the back deck of their home, 1150 S. Millbrook Way (882 East), when one of the propane tanks apparently ruptured and caught fire, Barfuss said. The other tank also ruptured from the heat. Though both tanks' safety valves worked as they were intended to by filtering the gas out in a thin, blue, blowtorch-like flame, the valves were pointed toward the house.

Fire quickly climbed the side of the house and into the dining room area, said Barfuss. The fire also turned a 60-foot pine tree into a charred skeleton in just a couple of minutes.

Although the couple tried to control the fire with portable extinguishers, the heat from the tanks prevented them from getting close enough to do any good, said Barfuss.

The house was fully engulfed when firefighters arrived just four minutes after the initial dispatch call, said Barfuss.

"We had to douse a couple of men to cool them off or it would have been detrimental," said Barfuss. "Luckily there no injuries in the crew."

No damage estimate has been determined, he said, but it probably will be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.