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Want to take a bedroom and make it feel like a room in a cool and cozy summer cottage?

You'll probably have to start from the bottom up. So first let's paint the wood floor white. This must be a clean white, not a grayed one.Then panel two-thirds of the wall from the floor to the ceiling, then add a wood trim all around the room at that level. Paint all of this white, too.

The conventional way to treat a ceiling is to paint it a whiter white than the rest of the room. Not here. We're going to paint the ceiling and that upper third of the wall a sea-mist green.

Doors in this room can be either sea-mist or white. The preference is white doors with the wood trim around them in sea-mist. The window trim should also be sea-mist.

Wood furniture, preferably old hand-me-downs or garage sale specials, will look great in this room if it is all refurbished so as to be in good condition with drawers opening and closing with ease.

Now paint all the furniture white.

The comforter on the bed should be fluffy and white with an eyelet dust ruffle and many, many different sized pillows thrown on the bed. Combinations on the pillows of white and eyelet fabrics will look good if combined with just one or three sea-mist pillows. Some of the white pillows might be trimmed in sea-mist but the emphasis is white (the sea-mist is there for a soft accent and to relieve the eye of so much white.)

A big hope chest at the foot of the bed should be left open with several stuffed animals peeking their heads out. Perhaps this sounds childish, but I know many adults, professionals in serious businesses, who have and collect stuffed animals.

If there are trees and other foliage outside so privacy is not an issue, treat the windows with wispy sheers that are draped casually around the windows. If there is the fear of peering eyes, add pleated shades that can be pulled up and out of view when not needed.

A big chair and ottoman in a corner with an easy-to-look-at print fabric in the sea-mist and white with perhaps one other color will be an inviting addition to the room.

Next to the chair, a drum table or other odd shaped table in a dark wood tone will truly set off that corner. If the room is too small for a big chair and ottoman, opt for a rocking chair painted at least three shades darker than the ceiling sea-mist color.