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Convicted multiple murderer James Michael Wiley agreed last Tuesday to return to Wyoming voluntarily, waiving extradition proceedings during an appearance before a Utah judge.

A spokeswoman for Summit County attorney Robert Adkins said Wiley, 20, waived extradition during the hearing, clearing the way for his return to Wyoming to face charges stemming from his July 24 escape from the Wyoming State Penitentiary.Wiley, convicted in the 1990 murders of his stepmother and three brothers, has been held in the Summit County Jail since July 27, when he was captured in the small Utah town of Echo.

Carbon County Attorney Tom Campbell said county officials would go to get Wiley "as soon as possible and certainly by the end of the week." He declined to pinpoint when they would do so.

Campbell said upon Wiley's return to Carbon County, he likely will be returned to the state penitentiary.