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Present value of $10,000 investment made January 5, 1995 minus fees and commissions. Rates reflect Wednesday close. Copyright 1995, The Meyers Report

Our horses hate the August humidity, but some are sweating for a different reason this week as the blazing pace of the front-runners is in danger of burning out. OTC still leads the pack, but $213 of his holdings evaporated. Blue Chip's jockey led his horse to the profit pond but couldn't make him drink. He stays in second despite a $413 loss. Thirty-year T-bond, in third, kept his cool with a $57 gain. Dog days took a $95 bite out of Lipper Mutual's account, but he retains fourth. The savers look like they're running on solar power. EE Bond maintains the fifth spot with a $12 increase. Money Market and 90-day CD each moved up one place, to sixth and seventh, posting gains of $10 and $8. Silver continues to melt as his $120 loss dropped him from sixth to eighth - he's lost three places in two weeks. Lipper International was an oasis in a profit desert, earning $40 this week for ninth. Gold is still cooling his heels in the cellar after an $85 loss.