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Grammar maven Arnold Zweig of Studio City keeps a file of errors he has spotted in recent years. Here are some of the more notable entries:

- "Chickens will be weighted at the checkout counter": butcher's sign.- "Isle 5": drugstore display.

- " . . . From the mountains to the prayries . . .": original handwritten manuscript of "God Bless America," by Irving Berlin, displayed at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library.

- "Spit-pea soup": restaurant menu. (Suffice it to say, Zweig decided against ordering it.)

- "Rod-iron": newspaper ad for metal goods.

- "Dear taxpayer, your Form 941 for December 1992, came with a soul proprietor number . . .": letter from the Internal Revenue Service to a client of Zweig's son, a certified public accountant.

- "More than 200 items of personnal memorabilia associated with each of America's first ladies": newspaper ad for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

- "Advanced dictonary": newspaper ad for a dictionary.

- "As a teacher in the public schools, I am greatly concerned about the high number of students whom I know are using drugs.": published letter to Dr. Joyce Brothers.

- From two consecutive paragraphs of a newspaper editorial:

"Public assistance seems to perpetuate rather than elevate (instead of eliminate) poverty."

"A look at the history of the dole will help to answer this, but later in this serious (instead of series), a comparison of various assistance ... "

Obviously, some assistance might be in order.