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We really need a layman's interpretation of media messages.

For example: Two environmentalists from New York City go hiking in southern Utah. One hiker inadvertently steps in a cowpie. The second hiker says, "We ought to get rid of all the cows on public lands so our boots aren't at risk; when we get home I will write an article on the subject."Subsequent news release: "The public lands of the West are being raped, pillaged and overgrazed."

Second example: A newspaper editor says some people are complaining that the name of deity may be profaned at will in movies and on TV (that's art and free speech) but may not be sung reverently in a public hymn.

Subsequently an article is written to justify "constitutional progress." The article states the Founding Fathers didn't really understand what they were doing when they guaranteed freedom of religion. The article claims the framers of the Constitution did not seek the inspiration of deity while constructing the Constitution.

Indeed her entire article is designed to muddy the water rather than clarify the meaning of religious freedom. For the original text, see a previous Sunday edition of the Deseret News and an article titled "Religion & U.S. Law."

F.T. Gardiner