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Our Western ranges have been in balance for centuries. Prior to the coming of white men into this area, the ranges were grazed by deer, antelope, elk, moose and buffalo. When the ranges were overgrazed, the young and the old grazers became weak and were harvested. The predators were wolves, coyotes, bear and the Indians.

When the white men came in, they occupied the winter ranges of the grazers and hunted them for recreation and to feed their families. The predators had to be hunted and killed to protect the sheep and the cattle.Man became the predator, so the wild predators are no longer needed. The game laws have controlled the human predators so now we can keep them in balance with the winter feed that is available.

There is an abundance of summer feed available for sheep and cattle along with the wild grazers. Permits were adjusted to protect the land from overgrazing, and balance was restored.

Now we have a group of politically powerful, so-called environmentalists, who do not understand the range balance. Their answer is to create a new system that eliminates mining, cattle and sheep grazing, roads and riders of horses, mules and vehicles. But the winter range is gone to support enough wild grazers to harvest the summer forage. The forests will be harvested by fires, eliminating the lumber business.

Preston T. Marchant