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The city is studying the possible installation of an asphalt path along narrow 50 West to make it safer for pedestrians.

This safety concern came to light last month when the City Council learned that Davis School District was reducing busing in the area. More students than ever will now be walking along the road without sidewalks.The council will discuss the issue further at its Tuesday, Aug. 15 meeting.

City engineer Andy Thompson estimates it will cost $18,000 to fill in an old drainage ditch and add an asphalt path on the east side of the road with a gravel separation between it and 50 West.

Mayor Arthur Johnson is concerned about the asphalt path construction, because when Utah State University, landowner along the street, develops its property, 50 West could be realigned to the west. He doesn't want the city to build the path as a temporary solution when the road could change.

Several council members wonder where they will come up with the money for the project, since this year's budget, developed last spring, did not include such projects.

Kathy Hatch, a concerned mother who lives near 50 West, is among those citizens who believe that the money would be well spent.

Thompson said the asphalt would be cheaper than a cement sidewalk. He also expects some new subdivisions in the area to have some sections of new sidewalk along 50 West completed within the next month.