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President Theodore Roosevelt, a man of extraordinary candor, made no attempt to conceal his feelings. They even showed through in his handwriting, in particular when he affixed his signature to bills.

Whenever TR signed a bill, the passage of which he had actively supported, he would write his full name in a bold hand. But when a bill which he had not supported came to his desk for signature, one which he was going to sign only to keep peace with the Congress, something within him rebelled.

To indicate how grudging was his endorsement, he would sign it "T. Roosevelt" in a barely distinguishable scrawl. It was as if by withholding part of his name, he was also withholding part of his approval.


A guest who had been invited to celebrate the 85th birthday of Somerset Maugham, remarked to the novelist:

"You look fit. How do you feel?"

"I feel fit, too," replied Maugham, "for about an hour a day."