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Frances Barron, principal and teacher at the Provo Seventh-Day Adventist School, recently received the Zapara Excellence in Teaching Award for the Nevada-Utah area.

Barron has taught at six class levels - grades 3 through 8 - for 31 years and has almost completed the requirements for her master's degree in education. She has recently attended workshops on mathematics, curriculum planning, questioning skills, cooperative learning, assertive discipline, computers in the classroom, art and other curriculum areas."She is an educator who sends a letter home to each parent every Friday," said Ted Carpenter, a a member of the school's board. "She can be found working in her classroom early every morning, after hours every weekday evening and on Sundays."

The Zapara Award recognizes teaching excellence, encourages teachers to pursue excellence and promotes the importance of teaching, according to the program's organizers.

Thomas and Violet Zapara founded the program during the 1988-89 school year by providing nearly $150,000 annually to fund $1,000 awards for educators in elementary and secondary education.