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Relocating the Twin Peaks Supercross BMX park to Salt Lake County-owned land is county recreation's first priority, said director Bruce Henderson.

Twin Peaks, which has made its home at 700 W. 5600 South in Murray for the past 16 years, may be moving to a new home at Welby Gravel Pit, 5400 W. 8500 South, as early as September, the end of its current race season. According to track president and director Bob Lunak, track officials have been shopping for a suitable site for the three-acre park for the past three years.Lunak admits Twin Peaks has outgrown its current 3 1/2-acre location at Riverview Park. And for the past few months, opposition from neighbors to noise, dust and curfew violations have fueled Lunak's desire to relocate.

A July 19 meeting called by Salt Lake County Commissioner Brent Overson cleared the air between neighbors and patrons of the track and served as an update on relocation efforts.

"Relocating the park is our first priority," Henderson said. "If anything hinders that, our second priority is leaving them at River-view."

According to Salt Lake County director of parks and recreation Glen Lu, the only potential hang-up with the plan would be zoning problems with nearby South Jordan. So far, none have surfaced.

The move to Welby Pitt, a portion of which is still in operation, is expected to cost the county $83,000 to $85,000 in total moving and construction costs. Four-and-a-half to five acres of land has been set aside for the new facility. Henderson said the costs are "right in line with the normal costs for developing parks," but he declined to put a date of completion on the park's opening because of the unpredictability of fall and winter construction. He did say Twin Peaks would open at Welby in April if the plan materializes.

"This is a very good program for the kids. If we can help relocate them and have a nice facility, we will do everything we can to help," Lu said. "The best solution would be to relocate them to another location so everyone's happy."