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I'm sorry Mr. Hopper seems to feel the Bosnian Muslims deserve what is happening to them because their ancestors had the misfortune of raising families where the present state of Serbia wishes to expand. The Muslims have been there some 500 years. Longer, I suspect, than either Mr. Hopper's or my own ancestors have been here in America. I assume both he and I feel that we have a right to defend our families and our homes.

I hope that Mr. Hopper would not think that the 6-year-old killed by a sniper in Sarajevo two weeks ago deserved that fate. Or the 10-year-old whose leg was blown off as the Serbs shelled the houses of Zepa. The Serbs know well from U.N. actions that there is nothing so horrible that the world will feel compassion for their Muslim victims. Not when we are all afraid of starting WW III. Is not this the same appeasement the West used in the beginning with Hitler? And the same non-concern we had for the Jews?In a State Department press briefing, I heard the spokesman say that the mass executions, torture and use of chemical weapons by the Serbs are credible.

About all we have done is prevent the flow of weapons to the Muslim victims while we pretend not to see the flow of fuel, weapons, officers and men coming in from Serbia on an ongoing basis. Because the victims are Muslim and the Russians are behind the Serbs.

Is Bosnia too complex for Americans to understand? Not if you can count to three: Russians and Serbs share common language roots and trained together as soldiers. The Serbians want to expand their country into the borders of U.N. member Bosnia and neighboring Croatia. We are afraid of Russian involvement so we have prohibited the elected government of Bosnia from obtaining any weaponry to defend its citizens against the worst atrocities in our lifetime.

So which policy better reflects our American values: continuing to appease the Serbs because we fear a conflict with Russia or helping the Muslims at least as much as we did the freedom-fighters in Afghanistan?

Leo Tornow