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Beer will be sold at this month's Davis County Fair for the first time ever, following the County Commission's approval Monday of an application by Rooster's, an Ogden restaurant and microbrewery.

The vendor's application was approved with little comment by the commission but against the recommendation of deputy county attorney Jerry Hess. Hess said he's afraid the county could be named in a lawsuit if someone who bought beer at the fair is later involved in an accident.The approval came with stipulations, also recommended by Hess, that Rooster's provide its own insurance, obey all laws regarding beer sales, and agree to indemnify the county against any legal action.

Fair Director Kim Novak praised the decision, saying it is consistent with how the county handles beer sales at its two golf courses and that it reflects the diversity of the county's population.

The application was tabled for a week at the commission's July 31 meeting because Commissioner Dannie McConkie, who oversees the fair, was out of town.

McConkie said Monday he reviewed the legal issues with Hess and "I don't see any further problems."

He moved to approve the application and Commissioner Carol Page seconded and voted in favor. Commission Chairman Gayle Stevenson is out of town.

The Farmington City Council earlier amended its city beer ordinance to create a temporary license format, then last week approved both the amended ordinance and the Rooster's application.

The restaurant will sell 12-ounce cups of its beer with food orders, brewmaster Steve Kirkland told the commission a week ago. All of its servers have passed the state-mandated course that trains them in dispensing beer, checking for underage buyers, and recognizing and cutting off sales to inebriated customers, Kirkland told the commission.

Novak said she'd received only one negative telephone call about the application and numerous supportive comments.

She also emphasized that the large number of food vendors at the Aug. 17-19 fair, along with commercial exhibits, entertainment, and other attractions make the sale of beer "only a small and not very significant event."