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The Richfield City Council has approved impact fees on new development and the Garfield County Commission has adopted a 1 percent restaurant tax.

The Richfield Council also approved an ordinance requiring that youth homes be authorized through conditional use permits.Revenue from the tax on sales of foods and beverages by restaurants in Garfield County will be used to finance development and operation of tourist, recreation, cultural and convention facilities. The tax will be collected by the Utah State Tax Commission along with state sales and use taxes and then returned to the county.

The revenue from Richfield's impact fees will be used for community projects made necessary by growth, including a new culinary water well. The city's Capital Facilities Plan will guide use of the fees.

The youth home conditional use permit ordinance authorizes granting of a permit only after specific requirements are met, including filing an application with the planning commission and receiving a favorable recommendation, a statement from the Sevier School District Board of Education certifying that instruction will be available to occupants of such a facility, and a public hearing.