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I appreciate all the letters to the editor about the desolation of abortion.

Just last night (Deseret News, July 31), I read about T-Kay Ivie from Roosevelt, who knew that her baby would die shortly after birth and yet she refused to have an abortion. Compassionately, she has started a support group for other parents who are facing or have gone through the loss of a newborn child.My point is, what is the value of a life? On the one hand, abortion is a choice. On the other hand, miscarriages are mourned, newborn deaths are mourned, and millions of dollars are spent to save the lives of "preemies," and in some cases of a "wanted pregnancy," to save the life of a fetus.

Can both be right?

My heart goes out to T-Kay Ivie, and I know she will be a strength and comfort to others who mourn the loss of their little ones, both born and unborn. What is the value and unknown potential of those little lives?

For those who are struggling with whether to have an abortion, remember the abortion alternatives in our community: Catholic Community Services, 1st Way of Salt Lake City, Pregnancy Resource Center of Salt Lake, and Utah Adoption Services for Women. These are listed in the Yellow Pages, and there may be others.

Everyone should do something to stop the sadness of abortions.

L. Baadsgaard

Salt Lake City