Recently I have been made aware of a conflict of interest in the Davis County government. We live in an area adjacent to a wetland field. Our neighborhood has been approached by Craig Cox, who represented himself to us as a consultant with Davis County Flood Control. He met with many neighbors in this capacity to discuss ways to alleviate water problems in our neighborhood.

Imagine our surprise when we attended a Farmington City Planning Commission public hearing on June 8 on development of the wetlands to find that Mr. Cox is also employed by Prows, Becknell & Alles, who would like to develop this area.Our neighborhood feels that it would be impossible for Mr. Cox to render objective suggestions to the county while being employed by Mr. Prows on the same piece of land. We feel that coordination and cooperation is necessary between the county and developers but feel that this could be more readily achieved by using more than one consultant who is employed by the two parties. We are outraged that a county employee would misrepresent himself to unwitting citizens.

Vickie J. Cravens