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One of Logan's most dangerous intersections would become much safer with the addition of an overpass, say officials from Utah State University and the Utah Department of Transportation.

The overpass, strategically located and designed to encourage use, would be constructed over U.S. 89 (400 North), the primary approach to the USU campus, east of 700 East. A number of pedestrians have been injured in recent years while trying to cross the highway at or near the intersection.Transportation officials point to a dangerous combination of circumstances that make the intersection particularly hazardous, in-clud-ing lack of sight lines and excessive speed of cars entering the city downhill from Logan Canyon. Because of such conditions, transportation officials have concluded that a traffic light at the intersection is not feasible.

"Hundreds of pedestrians cross that intersection daily, taking their lives in their hands as they do so," explained Wendell Morse, director of campus planning. "We have looked at a number of alternatives to make it safer, and have con-clud-ed that the best solution is to construct a pedestrian overpass, thereby keeping citizens on foot out of harm's way."

The overpass, designed by an architect, would be constructed of glass and steel and end at ground level on the USU side of 400 North. It would be equipped to accommodate wheelchairs. The overpass would be visually attractive and not interfere substantially with views of nearby mountains, said Morse.

Projected cost of the overpass is $600,000, with 80 percent coming from the U.S. Department of Transportation and 20 percent from USU. Planners hope to receive bids for the project by January and finish it by the start of school a year from now.