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For the second consecutive year, the Weber Warriors have stumbled in the soccer rankings and the race for first in Region 1 because of Fremont High.

Weber, ranked last week as No. 3 in 5A, was upset again by the Silver Wolves by the score of 2-1 Tuesday. Fremont stunned Weber last year on the road for one of its region wins. Meanwhile, Mountain View (8-0) and Bountiful (7-0) continued their perfect records with two wins in the week.New top teams in both 4A and 3A are found after more upsets on Tuesday. Woods Cross' 4-2 win over No. 1 Olympus made way for Mountain Crest to take the pole position while Dixie ousted its region rival Pine View to assume the top ranking in 3A.

VOLLEYBALL: Just a little bit of shuffling took place among the rankings this week, but it included a new No. 1 team. The Morgan Trojans moved up from No. 2 after defeating then top-ranked South Summit on Tuesday.

Two new teams entered the poll, including defending 4A state champion Sky View at No. 5, and Panguitch at No. 4 in 1A.

REGION 6/7 MATHEMATICS: When do eight games equal three? When you're playing in the season-long Region 6/7 tournament. With nine teams in the expanded region and a 16-match limit, the only way teams could play each other twice would be to have four three-team mini tournaments throughout the season.

Confused? Here's how it works:

When any high school team plays in a tournament, it counts as two games against their schedule if there are eight or fewer teams at the tournament and three games if there are more.

Four times during this season, three groups of three Region 6/7 teams will meet at one school in each group and play the other two teams there (i.e. Woods Cross and Olympus at Murray - a mini tournament). Those four mini tournaments combined will equal one tournament for each team, or three games counted against each team's schedule.

Each match played will count against a team's region record and schools will be able to play each other twice for a total of 18 contests, although technically it will end up as just 11. With this sly maneuvering, schools were able to play in another tournament and schedule a couple of other preseason games to fill out their 16-match schedule.