An X-rated movie is coming to town targeted at our youths - "Showgirls." United Artists is the first major studio to produce an NC-17 movie for general distribution. Remember, the NC-17 rating replaced the "X" rating so movies would seem more palatable.

Virtually all the major theater chains have said they would show it, making it the first movie of this type with such a wide distribution. The screen writer for the movie said that our youths should do whatever they have to do in order to see it, including "getting fake IDs." It opens this Friday.If we don't want this movie in our town, if we want to say that it doesn't fit with our "community standards," then I think that we ought to instantly mobilize to welcome it with a boycott/vigil telling Holly-wood to take its pornography/smut elsewhere. It is not for our youths.

Henry S. Brock

Salt Lake City