I'm pleased with Mary Callaghan's concern about spending taxpayers' money, but I'm also concerned with her efforts to curtail and perhaps abolish the DARE program.

Has Callaghan ever had a son or daughter go through the program? What would her opinion be from a parental point of view? I've had two children graduate from DARE. I'm very appreciative of the time so many people took to help teach and instruct my children in this area. I truly think that it has helped them and will help them in the future to make informative choices and responsible decisions. I know the DARE officer did a much better and more informative job in teaching my children in the area than I could have.The intensive 12-week course thoroughly instructed them and gave them the chance to act and react to challenging situations they may face someday.

I applaud the DARE program, and especially the officers and staff for their support, help and determination to help my children and your children be made aware and able to face a difficult choice or situation a little more confidently and a lot more informed.

If it comes down to it, I'd prefer paying for my own child's T-shirt, but Callaghan shouldn't end the DARE program. It's too beneficial to our youth and too important.

Janine Desmond