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Democrats should be embarrassed to place their record before the voters in the 1996 election. Their legacy is bleak: a declining culture, immense deficits, an unconscionable national debt, entitlement commitments that bought votes before that can't be funded now, rampant homosexuality, pornography, education in disarray, abortion, rising illegitimacy, increase in drug use, families being dismantled and rearranged into the strange configuration of the convoluted liberal mind. These are just some of the fruits hanging on the branches of the Democratic party who have navigated this nation into dangerous waters.

The Democrats have run out of ideas on how to solve the problems. Their most popular trick for 30 years was to throw money at every pleading state and every special interest group. Little did they know at the time they were binding themselves to a tar baby that would one day unmercifully smother all of us.It becomes clear which party has the courage to cut spending and entitlements each of us knows is necessary if we are ever to balance the federal budget. It is clear which of the two parties has trust in the American people and the strength to deregulate government. It requires little analysis which party believes the people can handle their own funds and make better decisions than the federal government and who has the right to choose what kind of education their children should have or what the government's fair share of the worker's labor should be.

The time has come for the American public to assess the damage done in the past 30 years and who is responsible. We must have faith in ourselves that we can make the sacrifices and the choices necessary to provide the security for future generations.

Lance Turner