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Mayoral candidate Rich McKeown wasted little time responding to a judge's decision Friday that Mayor Deedee Corradini must make public her tax returns.

McKeown issued a statement early Friday afternoon commending the decision and calling for Corradini to end speculation about how she handled money she received from a subsidiary of Bonneville Pacific."I simply fail to see how this matter can be allowed to continue to fester," McKeown said. "For the good of the city and all those concerned, I would hope the mayor would immediately comply with the order of the court and end all the speculation that surround these materials."

McKeown said he set an example earlier in the campaign by disclosing five years of his own federal tax returns.

The "Anybody But Corradini" or ABC Committee, a political group formed to defeat the mayor, also issued a statement urging Corradini to spare the public a lengthy appeal of the judge's decision.

"Deedee has said time and time again that she has done nothing wrong," said founder Christopher Ryan. "Now prove it."