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- Nourish one by one

- Exercise power of one- Influence others

By blessing the children, one by one, "the Savior was teaching us of the individual and tender care we should give to each one of our little children - indeed to each one of our Heavenly Father's children," said Elder Wm. Rolfe Kerr, who was called to the Seventy last April.

"It may be the lovable toddler or the wayward teen, the grieving widow or the grateful woman for whom all is well," Elder Kerr said Sunday afternoon. "It may even be your own son or daughter or your own husband or wife.

"Each is an individual. Each has divine potential. And each must be spiritually nourished and temporally cared for with love, tenderness and individual attention," he said.

He quoted Lehi who treated his wayward sons, Laman and Lemuel, with "all the feeling of a tender parent." (1 Ne. 8:37).

"This is the Savior's way. This is as it should be in our families and in the Church," he explained. "Remembered and nourished, one by one, name by name. (Moroni 6:4).

"The Savior taught us this principle in the parable of the lost sheep," Elder Kerr said. "We

areT to go after him who is lost and continue the search until he is found. This is the objective of the gospel of Jesus Christ and must be the objective of all the programs and activities of the Church - to bring the children of our Father in Heaven home, and home to stay."

While the Savior taught the importance of the one, He also taught of the power of one, Elder Kerr said.

"He showed us the power and influence He alone possessed as our Savior. The infinite Atonement was, of necessity, wrought by the power of one - one person standing alone - even the Only Begotten of God."

The power of one person, he continued, is apparent throughout the scriptures as we see the influence of "mighty men and women of God . . . often alone, standing as one, even as each of us on occasion must stand alone in a sometimes hostile world.

"Yet, as these valiant servants of the Lord were not entirely alone, neither will we be, if we are worthy of His companionship and the companionship of the Holy Spirit," said Elder Kerr. He quoted the Lord's promise to "be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up." (D&C 84:88).

He then illustrated the influence of one person by telling the story of Sarah Ann Meeks who joined the Church in England nearly 150 years ago under the threat from her father that if she did, to "never set foot in my home again."

She was "alone. Very much alone," he said.

"But she loved the Lord. From one stalwart woman has sprung a progeny of faithful Latter-day Saints," he concluded.