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It is a great comfort to me to know that Chris Cannon is as willing to misrepresent himself (Deseret News, Sept. 30, B4) as he has been to misrepresent Bill Orton. Those of us who have listened to what Mr. Orton has to say about his votes have been amazed and amused (not) by Cannon's versions of them. So we are not surprised at all to find that Mr. Cannon has fudged his own resume. I can't believe anyone would stoop so low as to claim a degree they did not earn or a job title they were not given.

Now, some might say that these are little things, but I believe a true test of someone's character is how well they do in what might be considered the little things. I have always been impressed with Bill Orton's integrity. Mr. Orton's record is that of a reasonable man voting in a manner that will benefit not only Utahns but all Americans. I think that if people will listen to what Bill Orton has to say about what Bill Orton has done and not what Chris Cannon has to say about what Bill Orton has done, one will have a better chance of getting the truth.Informed voters don't make up their minds on single issues such as the flag amendment. And if they feel strongly about a particular topic, then they also have to look at all the ramifications of a particular vote. Now that I know what kind of person is running, I will be less surprised in the future when I read fictitious things that come from the Cannon campaign. But anyone who can't keep their own life story straight should not try to tell about someone else's.

Jolynn Fleming